When it Doesn’t Rain, It Pours!

The drought is still on.  We have had hints of monsoons, but no real rain.  I think there are close to a dozen wildfires in Western Colorado now.  My water bill is awful and my lawn is still brown.  But, somehow, the daylilies keep pouring.  I wonder what my bloom rate would be WITH rain?  It won’t be perfect this year but improved already.  We will return to that in a minute.

New flowers today – Let’s start with the surprise!  So, when I planted the Southwest Garden, I ended up with lots of bonus plants that were the same plants that I had ordered from someone else.  So, I combined them.  I had Fox Ears next to Happy Hopi – and I had 2 Happy Hopis.  I thought.  So, last fall when I did the containers, I thought I had put one of the Happy Hopis in a pot in the mural garden.  Joke is on me . . . this is Fox Ears.  I love that she seems to be in love with the solar light.  Like a cartoon where a person falls in love with a robot.  This is obviously a first-ever bloom.


Fox Ears 7.9

My other new (for 2018) Ned Roberts spider is Desert Icicle.  Man, I could use an icicle about now.  And, some rain!


Desert Icicle 7.9

Indian Sky had a first bloom for 2018 – she bloomed later last year, I believe.


Indian Sky 7.9

Speaking of later, Anasazi showed up early this year.  She is an early re-bloomer, but did not bloom until August last year – and gave pretty double blooms.  It will be interesting to see if she returns with those in the fall.


Anasazi 7.9

Fairytale Pink is such a pretty little bloom.  I nearly lost her last year before I put them in pots. She had a few scrawny fans and put out only two buds last year.  I think this year will be better.


Fairytale Pink 7.9

Last, but never least, is Cheddar Cheese.  She has not bloomed since 2016!  She is one of my older daylilies and bloomed reliably for a few years.  Same pot, same place – stopped blooming.  Now, she has a new pot and is in the Border Garden (a change) this year.


Cheddar Cheese 7.9

OK – so last night, I was counting daylilies to put myself to sleep.  As of today, we are up to 98 cultivators for the year that have bloomed.  Remember less than a week ago when we were trying to get to 69?  Man, I am a little burned out with all the photos!  That means, for this year so far we have a 56% bloom rate.  Last year, we only made it to 48%.  I count 25-30 scapes on daylilies that have yet to bloom.  I figure we might see 5 late scapes (hopefully more, but I will stick with this for now).  So, if I add 32 blooms to out 98, that brings us to 130.  That’s about 75%.  Not bad for the first year of a new pot system . . . in a horrific drought.  The new faces should be slowing down shortly.  I’m ready.

Other blooms today were Navajo Rodeo. Black Ice, Comanche Princess, Soco Gap, Happy Hopi, Iktomi, Laughing Feather, Dream Catcher, Aztec Firebird, Nosferatu, Dark Mystery, Red Riddle, Lady Fingers, Red Hot Returns, Jungle Queen, Prairie Wildfire, Prairie Blue Eyes, Blue Beat, The Colorado Kid, Mildred Mitchell, Mesa Verde, Heron’s Cove, Purple de Oro, South Seas, Passionate Returns, Stephanie Returns, Alabama Jubilee, Longlesson Showoff, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Petite Petticoats, Funny Valentine, Ruby Spider.  I think that is all . . . I am too tired to think about it any more 🙂

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