It’s in the Genes!

Whew – the peak slowed just a bit today.  No new blooms tonight.  That is not to say that I didn’t have 50 blooms in my yard today . . . and we will have some new faces tomorrow.  Today, I traveled out of town to meet my surgeon for a consult, so it was good to have less photo pressure!

So, a bit of a side trip tonight – let’s look at some genetics for my Ned Roberts spiders.

According to the Lakota, Iktomi is a spider trickster spirit and hero.  I liked the name, so had to have the cultivator in my Southwest Garden.  Iktomi is the parent of several of my other daylilies.  Let’s see if we can see the family resemblance.

Here is Iktomi:


Iktomi 2018

Apache Bandana is a child of Iktomi:


Apache Bandana 2018

Chaco Canyon is another kid:


Chaco Canyon 2018

Dream Keeper has Iktomi and Dream Catcher as parents:


Dream Keeper 2018

Black Arrowhead is another offspring:


Black Arrowhead 2018

Laughing Feather is also in the sibling mix:


Laughing Feather 2018

I think the resemblance is kind of cool – they all have the midrib strips, although Dream Keeper looks more like Dream Catcher than Iktomi to me. What do you think?


Dream Catcher 2018

OK – Here is another one.  Remember our Chokecherry Mountain?


Chokecherry Mountain 2018

Well, she is the offspring of Talon . . . do you see it?


Talon 2018

Sort of interesting to see side-by-side.  Of course, I am a midwife.  I don’t think I would ever want to try to hybridize, though.  Never say never. I really like the look of all my Ned Roberts spiders . . . I wish I had his creativity.

Oh, and I have a confession.  I got confused on labels – the photos I posted of Echo Canyon are really Kachina Firecracker.  So sorry!  She has the stripes but is not a child of Iktomi.


Kachina Firecracker 2018

OK – so bloomers today were: South Seas, Papa Longlegs, Comanche Princess, Navajo Rodeo, Taco Twister, Desert Icicle, Aztec Firebird, Purple Grasshopper, Pink Rain Dance, Soco Gap, Cheyenne Eyes, Talon, Mesa Verde, Canyon Colors, Heron’s Cove, Purple de Oro, Cheddar Cheese, Nosferatu, Purple Mystique, Prairie Blue Eyes, Wineberry Candy, Bluegrass Music, Blue Beat, The Colorado Kid, Mildred Mitchell, Mellow Balls, Chorus Line, Return a Smile, Longlesson Show-off, Passionate Returns, Anasazi, Indian Sky, Lady Fingers, Black Eyed Susan, Pick of the Litter, Prairie Wildfire, Stephanie Returns, Yellow Punch, Pink and Cream, Ruby Stella, Nurse’s Stethoscope, Strutter’s Ball, Wild Horses.  I think that is it . . . tomorrow, more new faces!

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