Celestial Daylilies

Today was a celestial day in the garden.  Heavenly Curls bloomed for the first time since 2016. I added her as a bonus plant in 2015.  She did not bloom in 2017.  She is clearly happier in the buried pot – very nice bloom this year. She has the most awesome shape of any of my curly daylilies!  And, more than a couple buds (so far).  Still no rain, so I am seeing a few buds dry up around the garden despite my endless watering.


Joining Heavenly Curls in the heavens is Marque Moon with a first bloom for 2018.  Mr. Moon has been around the yard for several years – I have 2 pots, actually.  I purchased a second one on sale, forgetting that it was one I already had.  I don’t mind some doubles . . . if I ever want to add more varieties, I can give one of the pots away.


Lastly, one of my favorite red daylilies bloomed for the first time this year – Baja.  This is the deepest, velvet red color – such a proud daylily.


I had a total of 49 blooms today.  The Southwest Garden is past peak.  The Mural and Rainbarrel Gardens are also past peak.  Pooh Corner is peaking now.  And, the Walkway Garden is close to peak or peaking.  That means things will be slowing down shortly.  Sort of bitter/sweet to me.  It is too busy for a few weeks, but there is an excitement in a bunch of new blooms every day.

Speaking of the Southwest Garden and peak – that garden is largely my Ned Roberts Southwest name spider daylilies.  I have 65 total of Ned’s Southwest cultivators – all but a couple in that garden.  34 have bloomed so far. That is a 52% bloom rate so far.  I think we may see 3-6 more – so maybe around 60% this year.  Not perfect, but we have had 25 bloom this year that never bloomed in my yard before.  That means last year’s bloom rate was only around 15%.  Not perfect, but quadrupled.  Always more work to do to improve the outcomes.

Other blooms today were Aztec Firebird, Happy Hopi, Purple Grasshopper, Kachina Firecracker, Soco Gap, Papa Longlegs, Navajo Rodeo, Dream Catcher, Wineberry Candy, Cheddar Cheese, Dark Mystery, Lady Fingers, Canyon Colors, Heron’s Cove, El Desperado, Purple de Oro, Mildred Mitchell, Stephanie Returns, Isaac, Mini Pearl, South Seas, Red Hot Returns, Chaco Canyon, Inwood, Fox Ears, Wild Horses, Prairie Blue Eyes, Hesperus, Route 66, Yellow Punch, Pink and Cream, Jungle Queen, Indian Sky, Prelude to Love, Mellon Balls, Chorus Line, Lullaby Baby, Early Bird Cardinal, Return a Smile, Ruby Spider, Primal Scream, Lacy Doiley, Passionate Returns, Red Hot Returns, Black-Eyed Susan, Lady Fingers, Bela Lugosi, Comanche Princess.

What will tomorrow bring?  I am not sure there will be anything new.  Maybe?  I think I said I would like to get to 130 blooms for the year to hit 75% bloom rate.  We have now had 105 blooms and are at 60%.  That means we need 25 more . . . and that is through fall.  And that means that it will slow down soon.  Thank heavens!

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