Friday the 13th!

The last time we had a Friday the 13th was in April – the day I left for my annual Southwest Road Trip down the Devil’s Highway all the way to the border of Mexico.  I had 2 sick dogs with me . . . well, not sick, sick – post-op and injured.  It was a good trip even though I named it Southwest Superstitions.  I love my annual road trip just like I love my daylilies.

So, today was a good day in the Garden.  Fifty-four bloomers, so one of our top days so far.  Mother Earth even managed a couple of new blooms.

Classy Lady is one I got on the auction a few years ago.  She is doing better in a pot this year.  I usually only get one or two blooms out of her all year.  Today, it was a trifecta.  She looked so pretty!


Classy Lady 7.13

The other one is another Ned Roberts spider . . . but without a Southwestern name.  I ordered a bunch of Southwest named daylilies from a small grower and there was an issue with one I ordered, so I picked another one.  However, there were no more spiders to pick from.  This is Raspberry Propeller.


Raspberry Propeller 7.13

It is sort of interesting that Raspberry Propeller is a sib (from the same pod) as one of my Southwest spiders – Twirling Pinata.  It is interesting that these guys had the same parents but are two different blooms.  Like paternal twins, I guess.  Clearly related, though!


Twirling Pinata 2017

Tomorrow, I need to move a couple daylilies out of the Walkway Garden into the Border Garden or the Rainbarrel Garden.  The problem with pots is the plants get so much bigger here, so I have an over-crowding (blocks the sun) and so I don’t have many scapes in that area.  I think I will move Blackthorne and Autumn Jewels.  Maybe  I can still coax a bloom out of them . . . not great odds, but not 0, either.


Walkway Garden 7.13

OK – here goes the list of today’s Friday the 13th bloomers: Comanche Princess, Skinwalker, Navajo Rodeo, Black Ice, Dream Catcher, Aztec Firebird, Zuni Thunderbird, Iktomi, Treasure of the Southwest, Happy Hopi, Shape Shifter, Nosferatu, Cheddar Cheese, Dark Mystery, Red Riddle, Prairie Blue Eyes, Wineberry Candy, Mesa Verde, Heron’s Cove Purple de Oro, The Colorado Kid, Mildred Mitchell, Blue Beat, Thin Man, Passionate Returns, South Seas, Longlesson Show-off, Return a Smile Chorus Line, Early Bird Cardinal, Lacy Doily, Ruby Spider, Stephanie Returns, Catherine Irene, Mini Pearl, Prairie Wildfire, Pick of the Litter, Bela Lugosi, Baja, Pink and Cream, Yellow Punch, Stella de Oro, Black-eyed Susan, Red Hot Returns, Hesperus, Route 66, Ruby Stella, Strutter’s Ball – I think that is it.  I am pretty sure we will have 1 or 2 more new blooms tomorrow.

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