The Mamas and the Papas

This morning, I got that song from the Mamas and Papas “Monday, Monday” stuck in my head.  Maybe it is because I had Mama Cuna and Papa Longlegs blooming next to each other. I had 51 today! Monday mornin’ you gave me no warnin’ of what was to be . . .

So, for fun, here are the Mamas (Mama Cuna – L) and the Papas (Papa Long Legs – R):


So, we had 2 new faces today.  The first one is such a pretty flower.  Up until this year, when I started running out of blooms, I would go look for later bloomers.  Anyway, I almost decided to not bring one home from the nursery . . . until I saw the name.  Seriously, I squeezed her into one of the last Southwest Garden spaces.  She looks like velvet to me.


Cherokee Star 7.16

The second new face is Bold Tiger.  Well, I think that is her name.  I got her on discount because they lost the tags and didn’t know what she was.  I did a search and she looks most like Bold Tiger.  So, we will go with that.  I believe that makes 112 so far this year.  We are at 64% bloom rate.  Can we get to 75%?


Bold Tiger 7.16

Finales (last blooms unless they send reblooms) today:


Isaac 7.16


Catherine Irene 7.16


Taco Twister 7.16



Soco Gap


The Colorado Kid 7.16

Oh, and Papa Long Legs – but he has a photo at the top of the page.  And, Desert Icicle retired yesterday, not Happy Hopi – I have one more Happy Hopi left.  I will miss these blooms, especially The Colorado Kid.  She had a great season this year – bloomed for a month!  So, our numbers will drop off pretty rapidly by August.  Still hoping for a few late scapes!

Other blooms today: Aztec Firebird, Mount Echo Sunrise, Dream Catcher, Skinwalker, Comanche Princess, Navajo Rodeo, Mama Cuna, Cheddar Cheese, Nosferatu, Heron’s Cove, Canyon Colors, El Desperado, Purple de Oro, Bluegrass Music, Mildred Mitchell, Blue Beat, Ruby Spider, Return a Smile, Longlesson Show-off, Passionate Returns, Lullaby Baby, Chorus line, Mellow Balls, Lacy Doily, South Seas, Marque Moon, Stephanie Returns, Mini Pearl, Prairie Wildfire, Prelude to Love, Bela Lugosi, Pick of the Litter, Raspberry Propeller, Black Eyed Susan, Baja, Prairie Blue Eyes, Hesperus, Indian Sky, Just Plum Happy, Pink and Cream, Ruby Stella, Strutters Ball and Nurse’s Stethoscope.



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