Christmas in July

Today was Christmas in July and we had 25 cultivators to match that date!  We had a weird work meeting dress-up for the occasion or I doubt I would have noticed.

Anyway – We had a new cultivator in the yard today.  I think this is it for a while and only few more (well, right now only 1 other is in scape) for 2018.  It is odd when ones that bloomed last year are not scaping this year . . . one wonders what motivates a flower to bloom.  Probably not a drought.

So, Apache Uprising bloomed.  She is in the little corner garden in front and I nearly missed her.  She has bloomed for the last 3 summers – I like her deep red color.


Apache Uprising 7.25

Because it is Christmas in July, I will mention Lime Frost bloomed today.  This adds some green to our red and she has a Christmastime name:


Lime Frost 7.25



Prelude to Love 7.25


Bela Lugosi 7.25

Sort of Christmas colors.  I only remember one celebration of Christmas in July . . . and today that makes my heart heavy.  I am especially glad I have flowers to keep me company today.

I have been forgetting other blooms – so here we go: Dream Catcher, Mount Echo Sunrise, Navajo Curls, Purple Corn Dancer, Cherokee Star, Mount Echo Sunrise, Classy Lady, Rosie’s Red, Tiger Kitten, Nearly Wild, Comanche Princess, Marque Moon, South Seas, Baja, Mini Pearl, Lady Fingers, Hesperus, Fox Ears, Ruby Stella, Blue Beat, El Desperado, Heron’s Cove, Purple de Oro.


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