Here Comes the Color

Yellow trumpet daylilies are like appetizers before a 6 course meal. They let you know that the season is coming but leave you wanting more. It always feels like I get 2 weeks of yellow trumpets, and then the action starts. Somehow, colorful spider Dream Keeper shows up with the yellow trumpets – ahead of her time.

Dream Keeper triplets 6.16.20

So, today I had some colorful premier blooms. First, Funny Valentine. She is an older daylily that I keep on my porch. She budded at the same time as Saratoga Springtime, so I have been waiting for her appearance on stage.

Funny Valentine’s Day 6.16.20

And, another Robert’s spider joins Dream Keeper as a premier today – Ojo de Dios. I love the stately color combo of this neatly curled spider.

Ojo de Dios premiers on 6.16.20

And, my first near-blue for 2020 gave a premier showing – Blue Beat!

Blue Beat 6.16.20

And, there are still yellow trumpets blaring out their tune – Stella de Oro – the most popular trumpet in town.

Stella de Oro 6.16.20

Happy Returns, who looks almost like a twin to Stella this year.

Happy Returns 6.16.20

And, Saratoga Springtime.

Saratoga Springtime 6.16.20

I think there will be more premiers tomorrow. Laughing Feather is close . . . so close. And, I am up to about 100 cultivators in scape. Hopefully, peak happens before my camping road trip next month. I just extended by a day.

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