Wax Daylily Booms of Independence Day

Today started with a parade and will end with fireworks. Must be July 4th, In between, I visited my daylilies. I think in July in Colorado (or the desert States) that we should call them 7-11 lilies, because after about 11 AM, the blooms start to melt. I mean, they literally look like melting wax to me. Our UV is just so high for them here when the humidity drops towards the single digits. Maybe that is why I take so many photos and paint the blooms. There is no hanging out with them all day because it is just too hot and I melt, too.

Anyway – I had 43 in bloom today, including 3 premiers. No finales today. Oh, and add Maya Cha Cha = who premiered yesterday but I missed her photo with the camera. I actually take pictures with both cell and camera. I post the cell shots to my Facebook page ASAP. That is a great back-up to the camera and helps me remember what is what if I get behind on camera shots. Maya is on the phone yesterday, but not in my computer library. I guess that puts us at 76, which is a patriotic number.

Bella Lugosi premier 7.4
Just Plum Happy premier 7.4 – One of my very first daylilies. I divided her and put half in the boarder garden. The potted half died this year, but the one in the ground is doing OK.
Lullaby Baby premier 7.4 – a favorite pastel daylily
Maya Cha Cha premier 7.3
Pink Enchilada premier 7.4
Pink Rain Dance premier 7.4

It is hard to believe only 40% of my daylilies have bloomed. I probably have a dozen or so without scapes so who knows if they will skip or be late? If they don’t bloom – that means we have 92 more premiers and our bloom rate will be 93%. That’s an A in my book. I am just waiting for water cost to shoot up because they declared a state of drought emergency in my part of the State yesterday.

Keep on blooming. Happy 4th!

2 thoughts on “Wax Daylily Booms of Independence Day

  1. John Hric says:

    Hi CK ! I enjoy seeing your blog. Especially Ned’s flowers. Some days the heat is not kind to the flowers. Still we can enjoy them while they last. It has been a weird growing year here. The water has either been too much or too little and it has affected the plants. Some are much shorter than normal. And it looks like it is going to compress the season. Some of the lates are already starting to bloom. Oh well it is what it is. I will still enjoy them while they bloom. Take care.


    • coloradokiddaylilies says:

      John, It’s funny how so much effects the season. I have some early bloomers that have less mature scapes now. The drip system and new soil have helped for this year but I think the repotting stressed some into waking up later. Nature plus our interventions. I love my Neds. I recently “met” his daughter on Facebook. She said she is always happy to see his cultivators grown in CO since they live here. I’d love to meet his family! Maybe now that I’m semi retired!

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