Wax Daylily Booms of Independence Day

Today started with a parade and will end with fireworks. Must be July 4th, In between, I visited my daylilies. I think in July in Colorado (or the desert States) that we should call them 7-11 lilies, because after about 11 AM, the blooms start to melt. I mean, they literally look like melting wax to me. Our UV is just so high for them here when the humidity drops towards the single digits. Maybe that is why I take so many photos and paint the blooms. There is no hanging out with them all day because it is just too hot and I melt, too.

Anyway – I had 43 in bloom today, including 3 premiers. No finales today. Oh, and add Maya Cha Cha = who premiered yesterday but I missed her photo with the camera. I actually take pictures with both cell and camera. I post the cell shots to my Facebook page ASAP. That is a great back-up to the camera and helps me remember what is what if I get behind on camera shots. Maya is on the phone yesterday, but not in my computer library. I guess that puts us at 76, which is a patriotic number.

Bella Lugosi premier 7.4
Just Plum Happy premier 7.4 – One of my very first daylilies. I divided her and put half in the boarder garden. The potted half died this year, but the one in the ground is doing OK.
Lullaby Baby premier 7.4 – a favorite pastel daylily
Maya Cha Cha premier 7.3
Pink Enchilada premier 7.4
Pink Rain Dance premier 7.4

It is hard to believe only 40% of my daylilies have bloomed. I probably have a dozen or so without scapes so who knows if they will skip or be late? If they don’t bloom – that means we have 92 more premiers and our bloom rate will be 93%. That’s an A in my book. I am just waiting for water cost to shoot up because they declared a state of drought emergency in my part of the State yesterday.

Keep on blooming. Happy 4th!


The Fourth of July came and went with no blog post, so I have three new blooms to share tonight.  But, before I do, I want to share this fused Ruby Spider bloom from the 4th of July.  Talk about fireworks.  Mother nature gave this bloom double DNA!  Some experts say that weather is a factor.  It got over 100 likes on the Daylily Society page!



As for new blooms, I will start with my favorite first – its name is Indian Giver.  This was a bonus plant that I put in the Southwest garden last spring.  I don’t have many buds this year, but I am hoping for more fans and more productive scapes next year.  I love the white border!


Another new addition is Wineberry Candy – added to one of my pots that just got a drip system.  The two daylilies in the pot from previous are struggling, but hopefully will come back with water.  I didn’t have any of the many “candy” named ones, so I guess I do now.


Prelude to Love showed up today for the first time this year.  It is a favorite.  It was this afternoon that I noticed my early AM shot was blurred, so this one is what it looks like with 6 hours of high UV in nearly 100-degree heat and probably 10% humidity.  Not too bad.


It’s funny how being a daylily farmer brings you closer to the earth.  Some pots that were quiet last year are thriving this year, and visa versa.  I am disappointed in the Southwest garden bloom rate.  I did discover another cultivator with a scape today.  Last year, 10 bloomed.  This year, it is 13 so far have blooms or scapes  But, it is somewhat different ones that bloomed this year.  Of the 5 that did not repeat a bloom this year, I still have some hope for Skinwalker because it is a late bloomer.  But, what causes the shift?  I would guess it is that they were newly planted from the South last spring and still are adapting.  It takes time for them to get established and I can’t claim that the high desert of the Colorado Plateau is natural for them.  And, the trees probably need to be trimmed, but the fact that the blooms are scattered throughout the garden says that the sun issue is not profound.

For tomorrow . . . I don’t know about new blooms.  I have lots of scapes in the front garden so we will see what Mother Nature brings.  Work brings a 10 hour computer day!

Red, White, and Blue

Today is Independence Day, and my dad’s birthday.  He is gone now, but the day is always a memory of him.  It is also the first day of my last term at school.  In 11 weeks, I am a doctor!  I hope my daylily blooms have peaked by then.

I am so glad I have Ruby Spider in the front garden now, with separating my original plant last year.  Why?  Because it is peak bluebell and daisy season.  Makes for a great red, white and blue photo.


Ruby Spider with daisies and blue bells – photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Other than a hint of patriotic hues in the garden, it was another slow day.  At first I thought I had no blooms in my Ned Roberts southwestern spider garden.  It wasn’t until we got home from the downtown events that I noticed Winds of Love.  It was pretty burned out by the time I got the photo.


Winds of Love – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

What is cool, though, is that to the yucca in that garden are in love with more water . . . and one I have never seen blooming is doing so now.  It was a much smaller yucca garden for several years.  One put in to hide the blemish of a tree removed to replace the sewer line.  It got it got ignored more than not.  But the yucca grew, so I figure there would be enough sun for daylilies.  I can’t wait until the space has matured a bit, because I think the yuccas and daylilies will look fabulous together.


Yucca Bloom – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

All of that said, I would give the prize for best flower to The Colorado Kid.  Once again, fabulous vibrant color.


The Colorado Kid – photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

Wild Horses came to march in the parade of color today.  Always a favorite.


Wild Horses – photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

And, Early Bird Cardinal tried to look patriotic, as well.


Early Bird Cardinal – photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt

And, hey, one of my favorite daylily companions, Flamingo Grass, is blooming.  Come on daylilies, lets roll!


So, that is it for the Fourth of July.  I think we may see Canyon Colors tomorrow.  Slo-mo daylily season.