Sweet Dreams!

I am one of those daylily addicts who tore up part of my old rock garden to put in a themed daylily garden.  Most of the residents are Ned Roberts daylilies with southwestern names.  But, thanks to the daylily farmers who send bonuses (many with the southwestern theme, too), I have a few others in that area.

Anytime you rip up rocks and plant something there (after 50+ years), it is a bit of an experiment.  The sun exposure is best there, that is why I picked that spot.  The tree that used to be there was taken down for a new sewer system a decade ago.  I made a little garden with yucca and a lilac, and so that is the history.  Last year, I put three Roberts daylilies out in that small area.  They came back (fall planting) looking great.  Now there is a whole list of Roberts blooms “to be” out there.  And I hold my breath that a few inches of good soil, water crystals, a permanent sprinkler, and mulch will make that habitable.

Today, it happened – the first bloom.  Dream Keeper.  I got up early to take photos and went back to bed (as I was up til after 2 AM doing homework).   I love these spiders, so delicate.  I love how the peddles twist and turn.  And, hey, this one looks like its photo.  Here is Dream Keeper from my yard. I purchased this one from Blueridge Daylilies.  They send healthy big plants!


And, here is the one from the web. Mine actually looks a little more vibrant!

Dream Keeper

So, I take a deep breath that my new babies are happy out there.  I don’t think I’ll have another bloom for a few days.  But, in someways it is nice because I can savor each one.

For anyone looking for Ned Roberts southwestern cultivators, here is a list of growers who I purchased from the last couple of years (in no particular order):


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