Mystery in the Daylily Garden

So, the first blooms are appearing in my brand new Ned Roberts (mostly) daylily garden.  And, today a plant clearly labeled as Chief Four Fingers bloomed.  Beautiful bloom . . . but it doesn’t look like Chief Four Fingers.  The label is from the grower, so I am guessing they were busy.  I don’t care too much other than hoping it is in the right row for its height.  So, here is the bloom from today:


And here is what Chief Four Fingers photo looks like (note the petal count discrepancy):

Chief Four Fingers

And here are the other ones ordered from that grower with that order:


Mount Echo Sunrise

Mount Echo Sunrise




Purple many faces

Purple Many Faces










Aztec Firebird

Aztec Firebird


So, any guesses?  My own thought is Purple Many Faces.   I guess we will see what the one labeled as such looks like when it blooms.  And, PS, I mean nothing negative against the grower.  These are the probably the best blooming sized plants that I get from any grower.  It is just sort of funny and hopefully the Chief shows up this summer.


Also making an appearance in the front garden is Early Bird Cardinal.  This one blooms early and is a repeat bloomer.  The show has just begun.  I think Ruby Spider is getting ready to hatch!  Those are the biggest, most colorful blooms in my garden . . .  and I divided my main plant into three last fall.  So, I should have plenty of color soon!  I also think Hopi Jewel is due soon.  And, if Electric Lizard is strong enough now, I think there will be a new bloom there soon.  She dropped her last buds so fingers crossed that she is growing stronger.  Ta Ta Til Blooms.


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