Morning Has Broken

Today was an early day in the garden before a hike with my family.  I love having my daughter and grandkids in Colorado so I can see them every couple of months.  Grandkids are the best blooms of all.

The morning brought two very first blooms to my yard.  The first is Nona’s Garnet Spider.  Sadly, Nona only produced one viable bud year.  (So far – keep hoping!)  She was another small root planted last fall.  I really like her.  I hope Nona brings more buds next trip.



Nona’s Garnet Spider – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


Apache Uprising was also added late fall and was pretty small.  I added a couple of intentional late bloomers.  It’s a pretty flower.



Apache Uprising – Photo by Colorado Kid Daylilies – C. Hartt


It was also a day of hiking and swimming, so I am beat.  But it is making me smile to have 13 blooms on an August day.  My dream is May – October.  This year started early June.  Let’s see where it ends.    (71 blooms so far – so I made my 50% goal.)  I have noticed Heirloom Heaven with brand new scapes forming.  Plus Tiger Kitten and Frans Hals are growing scapes.  I may hit 74.  And, who knows, I may have another scape or two join the show.


Collage 2016-08-04 00_15_17

From L to R:  Top Row – Lime Frost, Fine Time Lucille, Nona’s Garnet Spider.  Row Two – Royal Palace Prince, Purple de Oro, Marque Moon, Stella de Oro, Orange Vols.  Bottom Row – Apache Uprising, El Desperado, Pizza Crust.


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