Praise for the Sweetness of the Wet Garden

The rain came.  Finally.  Not much monsoon activity this year . . . so the big, cool storm is welcome.  I got up reasonably early and several of the flowers had not bloomed all the way. Cool, wet weather.  It is a nice break.

I’m two months into this daylily journey 2016.  I hope for another two.  It won’t peak again, but plateaus are good, too.  And, then, comes the paintings.  The cool weather and the presence of my granddaughter put me in the mood, a little.  Ah, but alas, homework calls. Because the grandkids will be back through Sunday on their way home and due dates loom.

Enjoy the collage for today!  This weekend, I am also going to try to sink some of my smaller potted daylilies into the ground.  The rain will be good prep for that chore.


Collage 2016-08-04 17_15_44

From L to R: Top Row – Stella de Oro, Orange Flurry, Prelude to Love, Royal Palace Prince, Marque Moon. Second Row – El Desperado, Primal Scream, Apache Uprising, Purple de Oro.  Bottom – Pizza Crust.



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