Long work day, short blog post.  No new faces today, but 3 pretty ones returned.  I think Purple Many Faces, Talon, and Indian Love Call are close.  If I called those three right (for tomorrow), it would be a real trifecta.  There are a couple others that haven’t bloomed yet that are close.  The morning light will have the answers.


Treasure of the Southwest 6/13

I counted 94 plants with scapes earlier today, including the 7 that are blooming now.  Over three dozen of them in the Southwest Garden.  Everything is coming to life.  The drought is crazy this year.  The humidity is usually single digits in the heat of the day.  Today, it was mid-90’s.  The next county over is on water restrictions.  There are major wildfires in the region.  It is not good . . . and I hope I can continue to get my blooms the water they need.  We really need monsoons.


Saratoga Springtime 6/13

Many of my orchids are outside.  I had to put up a shade sail and misting system for them.  Orchids are less adaptable than daylilies – but, they do have a hardiness about them.  Everything needs some rain.  Especially our firefighters.


Stella de Oro 6/13

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