Very Pregnant and Ready to Deliver

Yesterday, I predicted a trifecta of daylilies would bloom today – Indian Love Call, Talon, and Purple Many Faces.  Well, I lost that bet on all three counts . . . maybe tomorrow, though.  Actually – maybe a lot more than that tomorrow.  Several look very pregnant and ready to deliver.

Today, I had one 2018 first bloomer – Wineberry Candy.  She was a purchase last summer to spruce up a corner daylily pot.  Last summer was when I decided I needed to stop buying daylilies whilst my ones from previous years stopped blooming.  Instead, I would add systems – pots, drippers, etc.  But, once a daylily passes it’s natural call to bloom, you wait a year for your next chance.  So, for the corner pot, I added Wineberry Candy.


Wineberry Candy

Other bloomers for today were as follows:


Dream Keeper 6/14


Kokopelli 6/14


Saratoga Springtime 6/14


Stella de Oro 6/14

Tomorrow is my early day at work . . . no breaks, end of week 6-hour marathon.  I could have a dozen blooms. Who knows?  And, the photos need to be early because the UV taters them fairly quickly.  Besides the trifecta – I have a big mystery red one, Bluegrass Music, Canyon Colors, Hopi Jewel . . . and several of the current bloomers.  Who knows what’s behind door #1? Two weeks to peak!

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