Many Faces!

TGIF!  And, what a Friday it was in the garden.  Things are starting to pop all over.  However, I only got two out of three correct on the trifecta guess – bifecta.  So, let’s start there.  Today was a first-ever bloom for Purple Many Faces – another Ned Roberts Southwestern name spider daylily.  It is a big bloom!


Purple Many Faces 6/15

Indian Love Call is one I got 3 years ago for a pot someone gave me for the front yard.  It languished in the pot, so I put it in the Southwest Garden that fall.  She seems happy there – one of my few bloomers last year.


Indian Love Call 6/15

Also in the Southwest Garden was Canyon Colors.  She bloomed her first full summer here but did not bloom last year.  I divided her and put one fan in the Southwest Garden.  And, so she bloomed this year!


Canyon Colors 6/15

Another new bloom is a no-ID that I am naming Dark Mystery.  Several years ago, I tried putting daylilies in this little corner garden.  They were not happy, slowly dying back.  I tried amendments, but they stayed pretty small and never bloomed.  So, last fall, I took them all and put them in a big pot.  I bet I have 4 or 5 different cultivators in there – and Dark Mystery was the first to bloom.  It is striking, I think.


Dark Mystery 6/15

And, my first near-blue daylily bloom opened for the year – Bluegrass Music.  She has a story!  I was new with ordering bare-root daylilies and was taken with the near blues.  You see, daylilies can’t make true blue.  The long story short is that I way overpaid for a very small fan – but she is thriving a few years later.


Bluegrass Music 6/15

And, a few repeats today:


Dream Keeper 6/15


Saratoga Springtime 6/15


Stella de Oro 6/15


Wineberry Candy 6/15


Tomorrow, it looks like rain and a busy day of blooms.  We need the rain.  I like the daylilies with the drops on the pedals.  I want to get to bed soon so I have some energy tomorrow for all the action! I am going to have more photos than I can handle soon – I think I will go with new blooms and a list of all the blooms for the week on Saturday and Sunday once there are more than 10 a day.  Many faces are coming!

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