Appreciation of Nature, Beauty

Friday. Finally. I had a ton of blooms today. Over 20. And, now, I’m camping under the stars in the National Forest about 50 miles from my yard. I’ll miss tomorrow’s blooms, but will catch the ones on Sunday. It’s worth it to get away from the routine for a few hours. It’s quiet here due to the drought and burn ban.

So, back to daylilies from this morning. I had 4 new ones. Pueblo Dancer, another Ned Roberts spider, gave me only a couple anemic blooms last year. This year, she is still too scrawny, but herblooms are much prettier.

Apache Bandana is another of Ned’s blooms. I love her dark color and long petals. It’s her first ever bloom for me.

Speaking of droughts, Pink Rain Dance, another of Ned’s spiders, bloomed for the first time today. I hope she brings the monsoons.

And, Holy Sombrero was another first ever bloom from a gift plant I put on 2 years ago. Her huge yellow bloom is amazing.

It’s funny, because I arranged that garden to have the taller blooms in back. It seems like the ones in the front row age taller that average, and the ones in the back are shorter.

The sun is going down, my melatonin is kicking in. I’ll be back Sunday with all my bloomers for the week.

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